Junk Farm and my music

For a decade Rock Band Junk Farm had been my main band-project. It was such a great & passionate time, a musical playground without any borders. We had the time to develop a unique rockin' style, produced three albums which I'm still really proud of and had great stage experiences too. In 2011 different reasons led to the decision to put Junk Farm on ice without knowing if it's ever going to melt again.

But there's absolutely no need to be sad! It's actually just a name-thing and I'd like to invite you to follow me on my websites. I'm still writing and producing new stuff and there are interesting musical things going to happen in the future, that will be published under my name, or in the context of a new project!

Besides grabbing my guitar, I'm fond of mixing audio and just for the fun remixed/remastered the first and third Junk Farm album. You can find everything on my SoundCloud site and retrospectively discover Junk Farm's music.

I'm looking forward to see you!

Here are my websites:

Benjamin Schippritt - official homepage
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The Junk Farm albums (Ugly Little Thing & Didn't Come To Dance
released under Canadian Unicorn Digital label):